Wi-Fi Technology: An Introduction


Wi-Fi Technology produces network and Internet access to devices without cables. An organization called IEEE developed a wireless communication protocol called 802.11. There have been many versions of 802.11, like 802.11B, 802.11G and 802.11N. As long as companies all use the same protocol, their devices can communicate with each other. So, if you have a Dell laptop that supports 802.11N, it can communicate with any 802.11N device, even ones made by other companies.

Small Areas

Wi-Fi Technology was originally developed for computers, but later other devices were developed that are Wi-Fi enabled. Game consoles, like Wii and PS3, are Wi-Fi enabled. MP3 players, like iPods are Wi-Fi enabled. Also, many cell phones are Wi-Fi enabled. We are seeing a greater number of devices depend upon Wi-Fi Technology.

Larger Areas

Although Wi-Fi was originally used for small areas, like houses and offices; it can be used for large areas. Many college and medical campuses have Wi-Fi service throughout the campus. Any approved Wi-Fi device can connect and get network and Internet access. In some cases entire cities have invested in Wi-Fi Technology. For a small fee anyone throughout the city can have Internet access. Wi-Fi Technology has become very useful outside the small area use.

Historic Buildings

Another great use for Wi-Fi Technology is in old, historic buildings. Some companies are located in historic buildings. In most cases they did not have drop ceilings and hollow walls to easily run cables. In historic buildings it may even be against the law to make major changes to the building. For these companies Wi-Fi is a perfect solution. Wi-Fi can give employees high-speed network access without running wires.


Because sensitive information can be passed over a Wi-Fi channel, there is a need for encryption. Sensitive information could be personal bank account information, company trade secrets or government security information. To resolve this problem, Wi-Fi technology supports many types of encryption.

Wi-Fi Technology is widely used today. Many devices support it and the number of Wi-Fi enabled devices increases daily.